Package Details

WebPack1   $298
Set yourself apart with a custom landing page that is unique to your business and accommodates your desired look and feel.     Plan includes: Custom Home Page layout, Artwork Only, 2 Concepts To Choose From which will include landing page and back page designs, Unlimited Revisions on Selected Concept, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Deliverable include: .psd and .png concept files, as well as any .ttf font files.
WebPack2   $1398
Our most popular package!  Get in the game with a custom five page website that reflects your business, your personality or swagger.  Plan Includes: WebPAck1, Custom Designed 5 Page Website Build out, Free Lead Generation Form, Satisfaction Guaranteed
WebPack3   $1998
Our most popular package! This plan is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their presence on the web. Remember you have about 3-5 seconds to capture your audience, so make sure they stop in their tracks. Plan includes: WebPAck1, Custom Designed 10 Page Website Build Out, Free Lead Generation Form, Satisfaction Guaranteed
CMS Website   $2798
Best plan for an online business with a desired custom website.  Tired of calling your website guy/gal every time you need to update content?  Our basic Content Management System (CMS) Website allows you to add/remove page content as needed.  Plan includes: Custom Designed 10 Page Website, Basic Content Management System (CMS), Built in Social Media Integration, Satisfaction Guaranteed
How It Works:
The Creative Concept Questionnaire is a critical step providing us with key information about your desired look and feel, and for the overall success of your professional website. In this process you will tell us all you can about what you do, what you are looking for, competitors websites you may like or dislike, color preference, and verbiage desired. But don’t worry, if you miss something, or have a follow up idea, you may send your project manager a message through the client portal.

After completing your order, you will receive an email with your client portal account information, where you will be able to login and upload any additional files, communicate with your project managers through a message board, and check our concepts and revisions of worked performed.

Initial design concept for your home page is posted in 3-5 business days at which time you will be notified by email and prompted to login to your account and view you concepts. Once you’ve had a chance to login and review the initial concepts, you may submit any changes, revisions.

After your revision notes are posted, our team of artist will begin making changes and updates which will take about 3-5 business days. Once complete we will post your updated concept in your client portal. You will then have an opportunity to submit additional revisions or approve and finalize the layout. During this process you will have unlimited revisions until we reach your desired look and feel.

Once you are totally satisfied with the home page layout, you will be asked to approve the design so that our team may continue on to the next step. During this stage our coding experts will begin converting your artwork to current web standard format giving your new website a dynamic and interactive look and feel. This is also where we will begin developing any additional back pages included in your web package order. This process will take about 5-7 days.

In this step, we will begin loading your professional website on our servers and a link will be provided for you to begin reviewing your website in a hosted setting. You’ll have the opportunity to test drive your website and submit revisions/changes for each of your pages. During this process, our team will make any necessary updates and final revisions before going live.

Once you approve the final revisions to all your pages we will coordinate migrating your website to your desired hosting company and get your website published live on the web. If you do not currently have a hosting account, please click on our “Other Services” page. We provide affordable hosting and support for setting up your hosting account and uploading your website. If you prefer to upload the site on your own, we will be happy to provide your files for download through the client portal.


\"iconicwebs is helping me re-brand my name as an expert in the home health care industry. I love the new logo and look forward to my new website coming soon. Thank you\"

- Josie Lightfoot, NDHHP

\"We love our new site, and having the ability to edit everything on our own! Great work iconicwebs. I will recommend you guys to everyone!\"

- Randall, NDHHP